startup guides


Today I will start a new┬ácolumn (actually the first one ­čśë ):┬ástartup guides!

In startup guides I’ll group a series of posts based on my own experience. In the last 11 months I’ve tried to create my own startup, unfortunately without success. I’ve done lot’s of mistakes, judgment errors and so on, but I’ve also learned a lot. It would be a shame not to write all of this somewhere, so you can take advantage of my failures. Also, it will be a good exercise for me too, as I can calmly read on my past and try to take the better of it.

To make a long story short, here’s a list of articles I’ve written:

  • empty list :) I’m writing the first one, startup and microseed


One last thing: my start in startup world has been hyper-fast thanks to an association called InnovAction Lab. If startup interests you, give a look to their courses – it’s free!