It may seem a strange word for a blog first-post, but I think discipline is a must-have characteristic for any undertaking.

When starting a project, anyone should have a clear vision of the objectives he wants to reach, and how to reach them. He should be able to establish a road to success and the small to-do tasks that taken all together  bring the dream to reality. But even if the goal is the best  in the world, failure is nearly certain without proper discipline.

This is because after all ideas and planning, there is the realization phase. The more ambitious the project is, the more difficult the course will be. If hard work is the key, discipline is the way. Discipline is the capacity to work even when we are tired, discipline is the ability to don’t give up face to difficulties, discipline is the power that permit to start something and lead it till the end.

Discipline is a wonderful but hard-to-have skill, and any entrepreneur should strive for it.

I’m Nicola and this is my first post. Welcome to my blog!