About Me

Hi visitor, and welcome to my blog!

Olivetti M10

My interest in technology started when I was little… very little! I’ve wrote my first computer program when I was 8 yo: there was a TV game where people should guess a 6-letters word and I programmed an Olivetti M10 to make a list of all possible words. The computer randomly generated a list of string, each one checked for italian languages rules to make sure it was valid – i.e. no double “h”. But I ended with so many words that I couldn’t win anything :/

Growing up I haven’t leaved my passion for everything that was informatics related. I’ve seen Windows overtaking the old MS-DOS, I’ve been online before Google, I’m a witness of the browser war that eventually Netscape lost… lot’s of things. And I’ve programmed a lot. Basic, Fortran, Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Java, HTML, Assembly and probably some I don’t remember any more. I’ve learned how to create a network and how to hack it, security systems and how to bypass them and all that sort of thing.

Making a long story short, I started working as freelance developer in 2004.

I’ve gradually leave others languages in favour of HTML(5) + CSS(3) + Js (vanilla and jQuery) + PHP + MySQL/SQLite, as most of my work were webapp related. Working on front end or back end is equal for me (except for making graphics… I incapable in it :) ). Recently NodeJS and noSQL DB.

In 2013 I’ve try to take my chance with my own startup in InnovAction Lab and EnLabs accelerator. Ok, it didn’t went well but I’ve learned a lot. Now for a while I’ve started again my life as freelance developer. And one or two very interesting projects, so full speed ahead!

You can find some more about me in my LinkedIn profile. Or you can download the pdf with my CV in English or Italian.