Winning an hackathon being 21 is great. Winning at 17 is even better. This is what team #brogrammers has done at last Cleanweb!

I’ve participated as a mentor at last Cleanweb, technical area. But there were so much developers that I haven’t had too much “work”, and I could have a clear look to all teams. Some had good ideas, some bad ideas, some were comme ci comme ça. But one of the most interesting ideas was carried on by Brogrammers team, Electric Tree. It is, in a few words, an app that shows a virtual tree that grow and light up more as you consume less energy in your house. An immediate and visible feedback to your electric usage.

I won’t talk about the idea, but about the 2 developers attitude.

Sara and Luca are two brothers, very young as she is 21 and he is still only 17 yo. They have come to Cleanweb with the scope to do an eco-friendly game. But when they realize that it wasn’t a good idea for this hackathon, they changed to Electric Tree. Big change, if you think about it, but they have done it. They worked all Saturday night and on Sunday afternoon they won first prize. A great reward!


If you become aware that you aim a wrong objective, move over quickly.

Change to a better idea can be a winning solution.

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